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Chimera Triolet Mogul Base Flood Light

The Chimera Triolet accepts Mogul based bulbs up to 1000 watts, and E26 household bulbs up to 500 watts, with the included adapter. An optional adapter is available to enable use with two-pin halogen bulbs. An optional protective glass dome is also available for use with halogen bulbs.

The included Octaplus Speed Ring allows use of octagonal and strip-shaped Light Banks, in addition to regular rectangular softboxes.

This is a fixture designed for use with 120 Volts AC current. It has an Edison style grounded plug and in-line switch.

Broad, Omni-Directional Light
Compatible with Light Banks, Lanterns, or without a modifier for a bare-bulb light effect.

May be used with a Chimera Lantern, or VideoPro series softbox
Also compatible with the Photoflex Silverdome or Westcott FV2 series heat resistant softboxes

Stand Adapter
Comes equipped with the Chimera Single Axis Stand Adapter which allows tilt and swivel of the fixture.


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